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Pre-K 2

Susan Natale, Lead Teacher:

Miss Sue - PreK 2In 2003, Miss Sue joined the Crossroads Staff and earned her BA from Concordia College in New York. She continued her graduate studies in Education at Wagner College before relocating to New Jersey and now is a New Jersey State Certified Teacher.

Miss Sue grew up in Staten Island, NY and is a wife and mother of two grown children, Matt and Juliana. She comes from a large family and children have always been a part of her life.

While in high school, Miss Sue ran the Sunday nursery school program at her church. Upon graduation, she served as Adult Leader of the Youth Group, and was the 8th grade Confirmation teacher.

When her children were younger, she was involved with the PTA and the Girl Scouts. Miss Sue has been a member of Christ Memorial Lutheran Church and has been active in the Sunday School Program, Youth Group, Choir and Church Council. Her daughter, Juliana, was also a teacher’s aide at Crossroads.

Miss Sue loves to attend workshops and bring many new ideas back to her classroom. One of them was for Crossroads to provide IPODs for each classroom to create playlists which could then enhance the curriculum themes. She is very dedicated to teaching and is extremely creative. She loves music and movement and enjoys reading to the children. She keeps them happy and busy all day!

Kathy Parks, Teacher Assistant:

Miss Kathy Parks - PreK 2

Miss Kathy has been with us since 2006. Her son and daughter – Billy and Kelly, were teacher’s aides at Crossroads as well. Miss Kathy is from Maryland and started to attend college. However, she then decided to get married and eventually to start a family. She now has 4 grown children, Billy, Jimmy, Brendan and Kelly and she has been very active in their various sports activities through the years.

She also volunteers her time at the Thrift Shop and at the Wednesday night suppers at St. Peter’s Church in Spotswood.

Miss Kathy has a great sense of humor, loves to bake and is very thoughtful. She often brings in special items or baked goods for the teachers and for the children.

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