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Two’s Program

Twos learn best through interaction with their physical and social environment. Play and learning center time offers opportunities for the child to have choices and some control over their environment. However, there are structured times of the day that are teacher-directed. Additionally, we work on listening skills, following directions, and stretching their attention span.


Language and Literacy:

  • Reading books is very important for the development of vocabulary and critical thinking.
  • We use puppets and felt boards to encourage participation and manipulation of story character props.

Cognitive Development:

  • We engage them in matching/sorting activities to help them understand relationships between objects.
  • We ask open ended questions to promote higher level thinking.
  • There are opportunities for pretend play during music and movement/creative dramatics.


  • We use math words such as more and less, inside and outside, full and empty.
  • We sort shapes and sizes and complete puzzles.
  • The sensory table is used to understand quantity and volume. The children use various items for counters, promoting critical thinking.


  • The outdoor environment is a rich area for scientific exploration and discovery: leaves come in different shapes and change color, rocks become a darker color when wet, etc.
  • They will experiment with volume through water and sand play at the sensory table.
  • They will engage in cooking activities.

Creative Expression/Art/Music:

  • We use different media and focus on the process of creating art, rather than the final product.
  • They are gaining control over their voices and love singing the refrains of their favorite songs.
  • Music provides opportunity for pretending, for following directions, and movement.
  • Musical instruments help in the development of rhythm.

Social Studies:

  • We will have discussions of how children fit into the environment around them: their homes and neighborhood.
  • Different aspects of our neighborhood and what it offers are discussed. We talk to the children about the ways they can contribute towards it.

Fine and Large Motor Development:

  • Outdoor activities, music/movement, obstacle courses, etc. are provided to develop these areas.
  • Stability skills are developed on our balance beam.
  • Art, mastering manipulative toys, lacing, drawing will also help with fine motor coordination.

Socialization and Play:

  • Play, group projects, and learning centers help in areas of conflict resolution and team building.
  • Children will be introduced to sharing and taking turns, making friends, and developing language.
  • Taking turns to talk or asking permission is about a growing sense of respect for others – an important piece of our character education program.
  • Teachers work to foster self-esteem during one-on-one time and in group activities. We encourage children to explore. grow, and strengthen self-control.

Self Help Skills:

  • One of our goals will be guiding each child, depending on potty readiness, toward independent self-care (pulling up pants, washing hands). It is important for parents and teachers to communicate about the child’s readiness for toilet training and to work together during this process.
  • Many of them will learn to put on their own jackets, clean up their “spot” after eating, and help with cleaning up toys. This will teach them responsibility, which is also part of our Character Education Program.

Spiritual Growth/Character Education:

  • Bible stories will be discussed, God’s creations, and the life and love of Jesus.
  • Character Education: kindness, respect, truthfulness, responsibility, friendship and other attributes of be being a good person will be stressed.
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