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Pre-K1 & Pre-K 2 Programs

We will be providing the children ages 3.5 to 5 years old with the developmental and educational skills needed for a successful transition into kindergarten. Lessons are designed to ensure that children grasp concepts in ways that are most meaningful to them. Classrooms include learning centers, designed around our curriculum, to encourage independent discovery. This will help your child learn independently, a skill also necessary in kindergarten.



  • Introduction to Kindergarten level concepts & skills.
  • Stretching their attention span and listening skills in order to develop their ability to follow multi-step instructions.
  • Learning organizational and time management skills.
  • Learning conflict resolution, cooperation and team work skills.
  • Reinforcing of learned skills through homework & classwork.


  • Word building and gaining reading & writing skills through journaling.
  • Language – having conversation by initiating and responding to each other. Utilizing expressive vocabulary, as well as, receptive vocabulary. Using appropriate words or gestures to share information.
  • Literature appreciation and the ability to retell the story from beginning, to middle to end.
  • Letter and word recognition.

Cognitive Development:

  • Structured games like “Concentration” are effective for improving memory.
  • Art projects can help 5-year-olds express themselves while they demonstrate how concepts appear to them.
  • Any activities that give them the opportunity to use creativity and imagination. They will help develop the skills needed to solve problems and understand new concepts.


  • Many concepts are learned through hands on activities.
  • Implementing and practicing math concepts.
  • Correspondence when counting objects.
  • Comparison terminology – more, less, greater than, fewer than.
  • Understanding object directionality concepts – right, left, up, down.
  • Object ordering – size, shape, color, shorter or taller.
  • Fractions – knowing how and where to divide a whole object to make two halves.

Science and Health:

  • Healthy practices.
  • Using senses and scientific devices to learn about the natural and physical world.
  • Observing and describing living things.
  • Observing and describing physical phenomena.
  • Predicting Outcomes.
  • Gathering and presenting data.
  • Questioning and explaining outcomes.

Social Studies:

  • Learning about school, home, the neighborhood, the county, city, state, the USA and the Universe.
  • How they fit into their environment and what their responsibilities are.
  • How they can give back, volunteer etc. to help become a productive part of their community.
  • How to cooperate in the classroom environment, conflict resolution and participate in our Character Education curriculum.

Dramatic Play/Music & Movement/Art

  • Experiencing and realizing the importance of the process of art.
  • Visual cooperative art experiences.
  • Extending dramatic play to another level.
  • Movement and Music Appreciation.

Motor Skills

  • Gross Motor Control and Balance-Obstacle course, running, jumping, balance beam.
  • Fine Motor Dexterity and Control by cutting shapes, tracing letters and numbers.
  • Manipulating laces and zippers.

Jesus Time/Character Education:

  • Is our “family” time of the day, thus setting the tone for the day.
  • Short Bible passages or children’s messages and basic concepts are discussed: God’s Creations, a love of and life of Jesus, thereby developing their spiritual well-being.
  • Character education will focus on: kindness, respect for others, telling the truth, responsibility, friendship, and other attributes of being a good person.


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