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Infants and Toddlers

Jilma, Infant Lead Teacher

Miss Jilma has a Bachelor’s Degree in Bilingual Preschool Education. She is originally from Nicaragua, but moved to Costa Rica when she was three years old. In Costa Rica, she worked in the education field for 10 years and is a licensed psychologist. Miss Jilma and her husband moved to New Jersey in 2021. Since moving here, she began hiking and bike riding for enjoyment. She also likes quiet nights in with her husband, watching television and relaxing.

Working with children is something that Miss Jilma loves. She appreciates their honesty and oppenness. They are their true selves and always say it like it is. They will express their feelings regardless of who is around or where they are. They are refreshing and loads of fun!

Shreeya, Toddler Lead Teacher

Miss Shreeya join us at Crossroads, originally from Nepal. She is friendly, energetic, passionate, and a quick learner. When she was younger, she did not envision a future career with children. One day, a teaching position was offered to her. After trying it out, she quickly realized she could no longer imagine a future without teaching! She joined a program for Child Development, eventually acquiring her Master’s Degree in the field. As she worked more with children and and pursued her studies, the more certain she became that this was the career she wanted.

The first thing she loves about working with children is getting to see them everyday and getting to see their smiles. Working with children allows you to feel like a child yourself. Miss Shreeya enjoys getting to be a part of the messy, amazing learning process. She likes to celebrate the little moments with the children, every single day. Along with this, she enjoys always learning something new with and from the children.

Lisa, Infant Teacher Assistant

Miss Lisa studied at Seton Hall University. She has been married for almost 20 years. Miss Lisa has three daughters- ages 17, 16, and 13. Now that her own children are older, working at Crossroads gives her the chance to work with other young children. She loves helping children learn and grow.

Waheeda, Toddler Teacher Assistant

Miss Waheeda came to us in 2016, as there was an influx of babies in our center! She was a certified teacher in India before coming to this country many years ago. She is married with 3 grown children.

She came to us because she missed being with children. As soon as she started at Crossroads, in the Infant Room, she fell in love with the babies! She is so caring and truly understands the individuality of each child! And the children love her! Her smile and warmth greet each parent and child, giving them a calm start to their day.

Trisha, Infant and Toddler Teacher Assistant

Miss Trisha joined Crossroads in 2019 and has been invaluable in her many roles. As an assistant in both our Twos class and Infants class, Miss Trisha showers love and affection on the children. Miss Trisha goes out of her way to ensure that the children are comfortable and having fun! She knows every child in the school because she happily helps in other classes whenever needed.

Emily, Infant and Toddler Teacher Assistant

Miss Emily

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