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Preschool (3s) Program

Three-year-olds learn primarily through exploring- using all of their senses. Our classrooms are arranged with the intention to educate children with hands-on-experiences and planned lessons. Our program provides children with the tools necessary to develop educational skills needed for a successful transition into pre-kindergarten and life, in general.



  • We provide opportunities for stories, songs, conversations and finger-plays (poems) since they are able to listen to and understand more concepts.
  • They will be exposed to letters. We will pour sand on a cookie sheet so the children can write with their finger, as well as, paper and pencil.
  • Storytime is important since they realize that the words remain the same every time they’re read. Many of the children will be able to pick out sounds at the beginning of a word and to recognize rhymes, which are critical skills for reading success.

Cognitive Development:

  • They will put together puzzles and understand that a whole object can be separated into parts.
  • They will be able to classify and sort objects.
  • They will identify and describe objects that are the “same” or “different.”


  • The aim this year is to help them put numbers into everyday use, such as counting out four spoons for the four friends at their table.
  • They will begin to recognize numbers.
  • They will measure and identify shapes.
  • In science, they will gather information, predict and explain outcomes, and classify outcomes.

Creative Dramatics/Music/Art:

  • Three-year-olds will develop greater control over their voices and will be learning many new songs that correspond to curriculum themes.

They will play rhythm instruments with a developing ability to control beat, tempo and pitch.

  • They will engage in cooperative art, crafting beautiful murals, and individual art projects.
  • Three-year-olds also love dramatic and pretend play, and will be provided with lots of dress up and other materials for them to use.


  • We give them time for unstructured, imaginative play — which helps them develop language and social skills,
  • Play allows them to development team building, conflict resolution skills and cooperation skills.

Gross Motor and Fine Motor Skills:

  • We will promote gross motor control, balance and direction by providing opportunities for running, jumping, obstacles courses, balance beam, etc.
  • For fine motor skills, we will be working on cutting with scissors (straight and curved lines), using playdoh to strengthen hand muscles, gluing and manipulating art media, painting, etc.

Self-Help Skills:

  • Toys and supplies are organized in such a way that students can help themselves to what they need and also be able to put the materials back, where they belong.
  • They can also dress themselves, clean up their “spot” and put their belongings away.

Spiritual Growth/Character Education:

  • Bible stories will be discussed, God’s creations, the love and life of Jesus.
  • Character education: kindness, respect, truthfulness, responsibility, friendship and other attributes of being a good person.
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