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Miss Kathy Parks – PreK 2

Miss Kathy Parks - PreK 2

Kathy Parks, Teacher Assistant:

Miss Kathy has been with us since 2006, and her son and daughter – Billy and Kelly, were teacher’s aides here, as well. Miss Kathy is formerly from Maryland and started to attend college, however, she then decided to get married and raise her children. She has 4 grown children, Billy, Jimmy, Brendan and Kelly and has been very active in various sports activities, that her children have been involved in.

She also volunteers her time at the Thrift Shop, and Wednesday night suppers at St. Peter’s church in Spotswood.

Miss Kathy has a great sense of humor, loves to bake and is very thoughtful. She often brings in special things or baked goods for the teachers and children, for no particular reason, other than being kind!

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