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Miss Ann Marie Fisher – PreK

Miss Ann Marie - PreK 1

Ann Marie Fisher, Certified Teacher:

Miss Ann Marie has been at Crossroads since 1998 and a teacher for over twenty five years. She has a BA from Douglas College University in Psychology and Education. She has dual certifications in Early Childhood and Elementary Education. Ann Marie has taught a variety of age groups, throughout her career, and has found a nice niche with her pre-k children, here at Crossroads.

“I believe that children must establish a basic feeling of well-being, which is essential to successful learning. I also believe that children love to learn and do this best by becoming actively involved in their own education.” Miss Ann Marie is very actively involved in her church, bringing her spiritualism into her classroom, guiding her children to be respectful and kind.”

She is a very kind and thoughtful teacher, providing them with wonderful and ample educational activities and also focuses on Character Education: being respectful, showing kindness, being responsible, being a good friend, etc. She is diligent about preparing them for Kindergarten and loves to have cooking experiences with the children. She also loves taking advantage of the outdoors, having many picnics and outdoor story time!

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